ENC 0nline Longboard   



Longboard is a larger and longer variant of a skateboard. It is used for downhill skiing ("downhill"), in slalom or as an alternative means of transport. Initially, a longboard a wheeled surfboard. It became popular in California in the early 1950's. It is longer and wider and usually have larger and softer wheels than a regular skateboard, making it more stable and generally safer and more convenient than to go on.  Longboard was introduced in Sweden in the 2000s.  Pivotal differ between boards. A small board swings much more than a longer, but many longboards are "flex" that allows the board to turn while the trucks turn so longboard can swing across the circle and give more turn. "Carving" is a common way to turn on and is used primarily when traveling 50 km / h or fasImages of Longboard Pricester.


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